Live and work in Redlands

This 43 hectare site situated at German Church Road is a new regional integrated employment centre which encourages job retention and growth within the Redlands. It has the potential to employ 2,000 people and reaches the critical mass required to promote continuing growth.

Situated between the villages of Mt Cotton, Victoria Point, Redland Bay and the southern bay islands, it gives residents the opportunity to find employment within their local area without having to travel to Brisbane. It also provides a large enough population base to support local retail and commercial services.

Care and attention has been applied to the environmental aspects of the development with 9 hectares set aside for fauna habitat and rehabilitation. This aspect of the development has included features two fauna under-passes, planting of 105,000 locally sourced trees, and over a kilometre of fauna fencing. All storm water is universally treated on site.

This is an example of how development can achieve positive environmental outcomes while meeting the needs of the community and delivering much needed infrastructure. It is a demonstration of Fox and Bell's commitment to facilitate live work and play in Redlands.

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