Project summary:

This 23 hectare site is a new regional employment centre which encourages job retention and growth within the Redlands. It has the potential to employ 2,000 people and reaches the critical mass required to promote continuing growth.


German Church Road, Redland Bay

Site area:

43.6 hectares


First applications were made for development approvals in 1998.

Development size: Total 228,000 m2 of saleable land. Stage 1 and 2 completed 101,000 m2 of saleable land.
Current businesses:

The development currently has ovr 60 businesses. Utlimate development will provide employment for approximately 2,000 people.

Tenants are:

Project value:

$80 million on completion


The development has 9 ha of rehabilitated fauna habitat, with local fauna including Redlands famous koalas, and to date 105,000 trees have been planted. 2 fauna underpasses were constructed as part of the development as well as over a kilometre of fauna fencing.

There is universal storm water treatment with water that leaves the development being cleaner than the water that flows into it.

It is a fully secure estate featuring lockdown night time security and CCTV coverage. 

Body corporate services include a common board room and concierge services.

Site map: