Based in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Cleveland, the Fox and Bell Group's focus is on community development in Redland City. The group is committed to improving the Redlands by providing innovative and carefully planned projects on the themes Live Work and Play.

The Group has a proven commitment to the following core values:

  • Innovation, best practice, persistence and vision to deliver community-relevant projects.
  • A commitment to integrity, reliability and fair dealing with all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring all aspects of each project are enjoyable and profitable for all participants.
  • To assist the community to achieve its goals and aspirations.

This is effected through the following strategies:

  • Working to build social capital by delivering world's best practice infrastructure.
  • Respecting and enhancing the natural environmental values of each project.
  • Maximising economic benefits to the region as a whole.
  • Working in partnership arrangements with local organisations and businesses.
  • Understanding the community and responding to its evolving lifestyle needs.
  • Building environments that allow seamless transitions from life to work and play.

To deliver quality projects in a timely manner Fox + Bell work with a trusted group of suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors with whom relationships have been forged over several years and hundreds of projects.