Project Summary:

Nothing demonstrates the long-term visionary approach of Fox and Bell, combined with their love and care for the local environment better than the Lakeside development.

In 1998 when the first land acquisitions were made this site was a disused quarry and borrow pit. Over more than 10 years Fox and Bell have transformed it into a shopping and leisure precinct designed around the town planning principles of traditional main street shopping .

The lake, which was originally a hazard and a result of the quarrying operation, has been enhanced and turned into the environmental centre piece of the development.

There is sufficient additional land to extend the centre when residents need more amenities to work and play.

Address: Corner Bunker Road and High Street Victoria Point
Site area: 7 hectares
Acquisition: Initial land holdings were acquired in 1998.
Commencement: Project was commenced in 2004 with the initial stage finished in 2007. Further development of the site is possible
Development size:

Buildings consist of a total of 25,000 square metres of mixed use shopping centre.

Ground floor retail: 7,200 m2
Commercial: 4,500 m2
Restaurants: 1,300 m2
Bulky goods: 3,000 m2
Public library: 1,000 m2
Cinemas: 2,100 seats
Carparks: 973

Project value: $50 million
Site map: Lakeside Directory