Live, Play and Work

Fox and Bell has teamed with Fiteni Homes and between them they have an interest in 238 Ha of land previously included in the southern Redland Bay investigation area (the total area is 310 ha) which they propose to develop into an urban village called Shoreline.

This site is one of the few remaining waterfront development sites in SE Qld and so provides a rare opportunity to create a world’s best practice urban village in the unique Redlands style. 

Fox and Bell's vision builds on new urbanist planning principles combining the built form with open space, job creation, community and transport links. Redlands is not Sydney or the Gold Coast and it demands its own style of solution.

Their proposal would create a $2 billion urban village of 10,000 people around a new mixed-use town centre with all social and civic functions fronting 2.2 km of waterfront devoted to a people's foreshore park.

In line with their view that people should be able to not only live and play, but work in Redlands, the development will in conjunction with Redlands Business Park create 3,600 new jobs for Redland City.

All the infrastructure required for this development, including open space, sporting facilities, medical and schools, will be provided by the developer or others at no cost to the city. 

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